Dev Diary #1 – Making a Mark

Hello, new adventurers!

Today marks the beginning of a brand new adventure – one where we begin to record the life of Avengard, our progress, and set out to create a new haven for adventures.
We are a volunteer group of developers from all over the globe, coming at the project with varying levels of life and work experience. But we had a vision to unite us, and it gave life to the early concepts of what would become Avengard. We wanted to make a free-to-play PvP multiplayer experience in an RPG world. We wanted to capture that true freedom of customization that so many games lacked. Games from studios like Ubisoft and Bethesda have master-crafted single-player RPG worlds, and created rich online worlds that do their best to imitate that experience. We looked at studios like Riot Games and Hi-Rez to understand the MOBA market and why there was such a lack of customization in these games seemingly so well suited for it. Why not be able to choose your own character’s abilities? Their looks? Skins was as far as it went, and even that never changed the soul of the pre-made characters. We realized there was a hole in the MOBA genre that we could fill.
We’re not here to recreate what’s already been done. There are so many MOBAs out there, each offering their own unique takes and improvements on what came before. But ultimately, they’re all the same. The focus may shift, the perspective may change, but they’re all different takes on the same core concept. This one game, the game people call “MOBA,” represents more to us than what it currently is. We see it as a chance for freedom, in giving players the choice in how they want to play.
In Avengard, everything you know from a MOBA can be imagined in a different light. There is no such concept as mastering a single character in Avengard. This game is about mastering yourself and your innate skills. Create and alter your own characters with their own abilities, equipment, gear, and voices. From 12 character templates, dubbed Iconics, absolutely everything can be swapped, right down to their base stats. This brings an uncapped potential to perfect your own style of play, not the style of play that is forced upon you by the limited roster of characters at your disposal. If a healing ability just isn’t working for you, switch it out. If a projectile is too slow, change it to something faster. If you’re always finding yourself suffering from a lack of vision, take an ability that lets you reveal enemies. Many of the ability concepts themselves are not new to MOBAs, but the accessibility of customization will be. And, well, we’ll be bringing in revolutionary new ability ideas as well! Whatever you’re looking for, you will find the perfect set of abilities to suit you.
Avengard is also a rich, story-driven world. Your characters begin their journey as mercenaries in an ensuing continental war consisting of countless factions from entire kingdoms to hordes of bandits and pirates. There will be an extensive story arc tying into world events, your characters, and the maps you play in. As seasons change, new nations will be introduced, and the maps themselves will change along with them. Ever-evolving NPCs roam out-of-bounds areas. History and lore-related events are abundant, awaiting travelers who stray off the beaten path.
Our team at Intrinsic Interactive is focused on delivering what’s never been done before. We value the interesting and the exciting. We value quality and enjoyment. We’re ambitious, not only for our own success, but for our plans to make the best MOBA you’ve ever seen. We’re family. We’re friends. We’re gamers. One thing we share above all else is that we want players to love what we make. We strive for perfection. We want the perfect game – one you’ll remember.
We are hard at work developing Avengard and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store! We’ll continue posting updates, showing off new items, gameplay, and explaining our progress. Each post will tell you the need-to-knows to clarify where we’re at and what you can expect. We intend to prepare you for what’s to come and may show you early or finished concepts and clips as they are created.
Until next time, we at Intrinsic Interactive wish you an amazing journey ahead. 
Let’s make a great game!
Brett Belanger – Project Director & CEO
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